Our precision planning and detailed evaluations during preconstruction mean you can be confident that our work will meet all your requirements.


We undertake human resource and competence assessments for every project, ensuring all duty holders are qualified (or more than qualified) for the job at hand.


All health and safety (H&S) requirements are meticulously observed, communicated to all concerned parties and any necessary training completed.


We also build an information database, allowing us to store and share electronic H&S preparation files, drawings and specifications with you efficiently.



Building Information Modelling (BIM)

NZ MEP Fabrications uses specialist 3D modelling software, CAD Design, to produce precise virtual design representations of the end result before the build commences.


BIM techniques allow us to deepen our insight of the project design overall, and observe the more finite details which can later be used as an accurate guide during the maintenance process. Being able to see how the most intricate systems integrate with one another allows us to make any adjustments before the strategy is even implemented.



Consruction Design & Management (CDM)


NZ MEP Fabrications fulfils all requirements set by the CDM Regulations ’07
as standard:
  • Human Resources (HR) & Competence Assessments
  • Competence Assessment for Duty Holders
  • Precision Planning & Assessment of all pre-construction details, construction phase plans & all H&S files
  • Site Audits & Inspections
  • Information Database Development
  • Electronic Health & Safety Preparation of Files
  • Health & Safety Training in Construction
  • All drawings & specifications communicate H&S information
  • Prefabrication of MEP Systems


Consruction Design & Management (CDM)
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