Neglected electrical systems in the workplace can cause injuries to employees, loss of income and fines for organisations found to be in breach of statutory responsibilities. As a result, there is also a risk of your insurance claim being invalidated.


NZ MEP Fabrications is certified to fulfil the requirements set by industry authorities and works in accordance with the Electricity at Work Regulations Act 1989. This states that, by law, precautions must be taken to protect against the risk of death or personal injury from faulty electrical work carried out on-site. Custodial sentences are fast-increasing for directors of companies found to be in breach of their obligations, so do make sure you maintain an up-to-date record your electrical systems condition.



Fixed-Wire Testing

Up until recently, fixed-wire testing was required on a five-year cycle and covered the testing up to the point of isolation of the equipment. According to sub-clause 3.5 Routine Checks in Guidance Note 3, published by the IEE, electrical systems should not be left without formal inspections for periods of five years or more, because the majority of establishments don’t employ staff who are competent in electrical-related services.


New guidelines, however, are requiring organisations to undertake fixed-wire testing and full visual inspections on an annual basis. This is coupled with a recommendation to complete a 20% physical test of the wiring annually.


To minimise costs, we recommend that the annual inspection and physical test are carried out at the same time, alongside any other electrical services such as portable appliance testing. Annual inspections will then contribute to a full set of results over the five-year period.



Periodic Inspections

Periodic inspections and testing should be carried out on the following:
  • Fixed-Wire Testing - tested and inspected upon completion, periodically thereafter, and when alterations are made to electrical installations and associated equipment including portable and fixed appliances
  • Emergency Lights - certain daily, monthly, six-monthly and annual inspection tests are required by a responsible member of staff
  • Fire Alarms - certain daily, monthly, six-monthly and annual inspection tests are required by a responsible member of staff
  • Hazardous Areas i.e. petrol stations, paint shops, car wash services, jet wash, air dispensers and more



Inspections and testing procedures must be carried out to ensure the product type meets the criteria for a successful installation, and that all requirements are met regarding the local environment. The more onerous tests should be carried out by experienced external
specialist contractors.



We fulfil obligations to:

  • Electricity at Work Regulations 2010
  • Health & Safety at Work Act 2015



Our commercial & industrial electrical engineering services include:

  • Electrical Services Installation
  • Full Electrical, Lighting and Systems Design Services
  • Lighting Control Systems


Our Commercial & Industrial Electrical Engineering Services Include:
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