Once we’ve fully understood your project requirements, we’ll deliver a bespoke pump system that meets your pre-set goals, budget and timeframe.


We work to the highest national and international industry standards, safeguarding you against the costly complexities of building a pump skid on-site. Our specialist engineering expertise guarantees top level project planning, an efficient turnaround time and a clean-cut fabrication and installation process.


We design and build exceptional pumping systems for a diverse range of clients and for a variety of purposes. Tailor-made to your exact specification, our pump skids are built to the highest industry standards and typically include a motor, pump and steel baseplate.



Working to the highest industry standards

NZ MEP Fabrications specialises in the design and prefabrication of bespoke pump skids in accordance with the highest of national and international standards. Further criteria, such as welding and acceptance regulations are also met by our team of industry experts.



Precision metal forming process

We utilise a metal forming process which allows us to provide strategic solutions for your end product. You’ll receive a pre-wired and pre-piped pump skid built as one central unit and designed to your requirements.


Working to the highest industry standards
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